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Excavation is the first step in the construction of a pool. At Aquatique Pools, we review the plan with the home owner, grade the pool site to specifications and lay the pool out on the ground for final shape approval. The sides of the pool are hand contoured to insure the exacting standards required of a Aquatique Pool. Because Aquatique Pools owns all their own excavation equipment and has the most qualified staff of excavators in Northern alifornia, we are able to perform excavation tasks over and beyond basic requirements and expectations.

Our quality pool plumbers are the most experienced in the industry. The proper placement of 2” plumbing, use of non corrosive schedule 40 PVC and pressure testing, insures a Aquatique Pools will always maintain maximum filter, pump and pool efficiency. We engineer hydraulics of each pool to determine proper pump horsepower with increased pipe size to insure energy savings for our customers.

At Aquatique Pools, we place particular pride in our 4 bar Bond Beam and Transition Bars from the shallow to deep end of the pool. This additional steel provides our customer with a much better constructed pool that exceeds all City and County building codes. Expansive soil conditions, free standing walls, severe slopes or surcharging a wall for retaining purposes are routine to our highly skilled professionals.

Gunite is the structural strength of a pool. At Aquatique Pools, we meet or exceed all City and County regulations for structural strength with an application of gunite 12” at the Bond Beam, 6"-9" in the walls and floors and 6"-9" in the coves, dependent upon soil conditions. A minimum of a six (6) sack concrete mixture ensures maximum structural strength.

At the time of steel and plumbing, preliminary electrical work is completed to meet code regulations. At plaster, the Aquatique Pool’s electrical team springs into action to perform wonders. They bring all the electrical out to the equipment pad then tie all of the equipment together so you can get the filtration started within the next few days. By setting a sub panel at the equipment pad, the home owner has an easy way to set up future effect lighting or sprinkler systems.

Now is when your pool really starts to take an identity. The specialty work such as rock or brick coping is now placed on the pool. It is then followed by the artistry of tile installed on raised Bond Beams, spas, steps and around the perimeter of the pool. At Aquatique Pools, we are proud we have available to us some of California’s best artists to make this specialty work not only functional but spectacular.

Upon completion of the plaster phase of the pool it is necessary to fill the pool immediately with water so, for the home owner, this can’t come too soon. The Aquatique pool’s plasterers are one of Northern California’s premier organizations with the ability to apply a white, colored, aggregate or Pebble Tec finish to perfection. With the proper chemical care, a Aquatique Pool will last a lifetime and will always have the same exciting appeal of the original design.

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